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Avery Thompson offers a unique service in today's world - the ability to have a garment made for you, to your measurements and to your liking. Bespoke clothing is a great option for those who want to stand out or have a difficult time finding clothing to fit as desired. Whether casual-wear, formal-wear, event-wear, office-wear, work-wear, or costume, Avery Thompson can create a garment for you, made-to-measure, at an affordable price. Have a vintage garment that you love the fit of, but cannot find anything current similar to it? We can use that garment as inspiration and create a garment that matches the measurements of the vintage one. If you want to be noticed, feel the difference when a garment truly fits your proportions, or need a unique garment for a special occasion, consider having it custom made for you by Avery Thompson!
When you begin the process of having a garment made for you, the details, fit, style and fabric are all customizable. A chart of about 28 measurements allows Avery Thompson to truly fit your proportions and compensate for any unique features that ready-to-wear does not provide. A sample garment, made using your measurements, will be sewn and a fitting will be arranged. During this fitting, you have the ability to modify and design many aspects of the garment. We can provide you with samples of fabrics and materials for you to select which you desire the final garment to be made from. The fiber content, performance, wash-ability, print and colours are all tailored to your provided wants. Your garment will then be made for you and you will have a final fitting to adjust any remaining details. This process typically requires three to eight weeks, depending on the specific situation.


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